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Naturopathic Medicine

A Guide to Naturopathic Medicine

A Guide to Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine isn’t something new, in fact it has been around for thousands of years.  It is based on using nature to heal and it works with the patient as a whole rather than just treating the symptoms.  Naturopathic doctors don’t believe in curing you by relieving you of your symptoms.  They look at the bigger picture and try to understand the mind and body to find the right treatment for your condition.

What a Naturopath Does

Naturopathy does share some traits with other holistic treatments but it isn’t based on just one technique.  A naturopath will use a wide variety of treatments, those include herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  Your naturopath will help you to learn to heal naturally and encourage you to make the right lifestyle treatments for ideal health and spiritual wellbeing.  While your naturopath will treat you for the illnesses that you are suffering from, one of their main goals is to help you prevent disease from recurring in the future.

Naturopathy Techniques

There are many different therapies that make up naturopathy.  Some of the therapies that your doctor may choose to use, depending on your condition, include relaxation techniques as they believe stress to be instrumental in the cause of many ailments.  They also use traditional Chinese medicines, including acupuncture.  You can expect a regimen of supplements both herbal and vitamin.  Naturopathy techniques encourage healing from the inside out and not on prescription medications, invasive surgeries and other means of treating illness in modern medicine.  Your doctor works to treat you as a person rather than just a specific problem.  Here is an idea of what you can expect. You will avoid getting ripped off 

Mind and Body Connection

Naturopathy isn’t just about your physical health it concerns your mind as well.  Naturopathy will always take into consideration your mental and spiritual health as well.  A naturopath may also serve as a lifestyle and psychological counselor.  They may use techniques like guided imagery, hypnosis and various other types of counseling depending on the needs of the patient.

Your naturopath will encourage your active participation in the whole process, rather than just handing you a prescription.  You may need to make changes to your lifestyle such as getting more exercise, improve your sleep habits and most importantly your diet.  Your nutrition will be one of the first things they look at when they first see a patient.  Poor nutrition may very well be the root cause of your ill health.

Naturopathy is a far cry from the medicine that your used to and you may be surprised at how well it can treat your condition when you look at the big picture.