Renovations Calgary

 Renovate a Calgary House?

Calgary renovation is a process, in which you remove everything in the old house except the core structural elements before rebuilding. It is almost like starting from scratch and transforming your home into a new outlook. You change most of the exterior architecture, interior design, furniture and fixture, installations, appliances, interior and exterior finishing, etc. The costs will be certainly more than the standard renovation procedures. You may consider some of the parameters we have discussed in this article before going ahead with the procedures. 

Budget Plan 

You can know about the approximate cost only after preparing the budget. You have to prepare a checklist of materials and processes starting from removals to remodeling. For that, you have to consider the core elements for retention and get the others removed. Demolition costs money. 



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Demolition Cost

Calculate the demolition costs after consultation with a professional contractor. The costs will include labor, machinery and equipment rental, safe removal and disposal of debris, and cleaning of the space. 

Material Cost

Now, your house needs new materials for the basic renovation calgary  of the structural elements. Your contractor can help you to calculate the costs for the construction materials, paints, tools and equipment, furnishing materials, fixtures, appliances, etc. You have to calculate it for all the rooms in your home from the kitchen to the living room, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, study room, etc. 

The evaluation of material cost ahs to be individual for each room. You may have to allocate some extra budget for each room if required. Then you can calculate the net value and consider it for your budget allocation. 

Extra Costs

The extra cost is a variable factor because a project can consist of many works which you may not be able to anticipate at the project start. For example, you may think of changing the fireplace in your home to an electrical model from the traditional wood. Then it will take extra facilities for wiring and power source installation. Similarly, the kitchen ceiling may need a few extra beams to support the centralized heating and cooling systems. So, you have to be prepared for such inflation elements during the gut renovation.

Labor Cost 

The contractor can give you an approximate cost for labor at the project start, based on the standard parameters. There are many other variable factors, which can increase the cost during the project implementation. It depends on the volume of extra-work that is involved in the gut renovation process as listed in the extra costs section above. 

Furniture and Fixture Cost 

house renovation calgary  doesn’t mean you have to throw all the existing furniture out. You may think of remodeling many of them. Many experts can put “life” into the aging furniture at affordable costs. 

Some of the beds, sofas, armchairs, easy-chairs, tables, and cabinets may require only rework. You may need to change the upholstery for them to renovate. In some cases, they may require repairs and part replacements. You can prepare a budget for such costs with the help of your contractor. 

Plumbing Costs 

You can include pipes, tanks, faucets, HVAC, toilets, and baths, etc in this list. Replacing the washbasins and sinks will be a major cost. Do you need them in your kitchen, bath, and bedroom? Are the old water and sewage pipes working fine? Are there leaks and damages? You have to assess all of them with an experienced plumbing contractor. 

Storage and Kitchen Costs

Storage space in the living room, bedroom, bath, kids’ rooms, and the kitchen is very important. Cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, shelves, etc are some of the key considerations. Island counter, countertop, heat-sink, and HVAC are some of the main new installations you may need in the kitchen. You have to calculate the costs after searching for ready-to-use equipment online. Compare them with the construction and installation costs. Apart from cost, you have to consider quality, durability, and other related factors also.

Lighting Costs

 Lighting costs involve electrical installations, lamps and bulbs, tubes, chandeliers, shades, frames, checkerboard, chimeras, drapes, etc. You have to consider practical needs, aesthetics, luxury, comfort, and related elements. Make a checklist and compare the costs online before choosing the best system. 

Utilities and Appliances Costs 

Make a list of new utilities from the fish-spatula to the metal tongs, spoons, plates, etc. The kitchen appliances may include refrigerator, oven, stove-top, coffee maker, etc. Similarly, you may need to calculate the costs of new appliances for the other rooms also. 

Construction Materials 

Construction materials may include tiles, blocks, concrete, metal beams, etc. Since you will not touch the core structure, the need for the rebuilding of walls, floors, and ceilings may not exist. But still, you need other things like stone veneers, steel sheets, limestone, and others. 

Flooring Cost

Flooring can be made of ceramic, marble, stone, granite, or hardwood material. The costs may vary depending on the quality durability, and other related factors. You can get a list of suppliers who can provide these materials at affordable costs. 

Wall and Ceiling Cost

You may choose to have a simple plain wall with paint. The cost will be much less. Or you may choose to go for wall panels which will be aesthetically superior. The cost will be more. The other viable option to make your home walls look luxurious is to have wallpapers. They are more economical than painting. It is also easy to replace them when you get bored with the old ones. 

The cost of ceiling renovation depends on the paint, plaster, and other structural elements. You may choose to have a simple set of installations or sophisticated finishing, based on your specific requirements. 


You may try and make estimates using the DIY method per square foot. The cost calculations can only be approximate values. You have to take the help of your contractor, designer, and the architect while making the near to accurate calculations. Or you can have a pre-planned budget for your home’s gut renovation before making the plan for material, manpower, and procedures.